Leaders, Collaborators, Innovators

Our talented team of trusted entrepreneurs and investors share a passion for innovating the global real estate industry. We love to scale businesses, to serve industry practitioners, and to make our company’s journey as enjoyable as possible along the way.

Second Century Ventures & REACH

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Bob Goldberg

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Tyler Thompson

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Mark Birschbach

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Dave Garland

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Ashley Stinton

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Bob Gillespie

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Kia Nejatian

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Todd Carpenter

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Johan Holmberg, CFA

REACH Australia

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Shelli Trung

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Tegan Addinsall

REACH Canada

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Lynette Keyowski

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Mike McAra

REACH United Kingdom

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Valentina Shegoyan

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Natasha Terinova


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Duke Long

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Jeff Turner

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Ashkan Zandieh