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+100 dynamic companies from around the world that drive radical and transformative change through the real estate ecosystem.

Luxury hotel-style cleaning services for multi-family housing

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DocuSign, Inc. is the leader of on-demand software services for electronic signature

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Saas based flood insurance platform for REALTORS®

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End to end, cross platform online marketing solution for real estate.

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Punchlist is an all-in-one closing repair solution

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Secure, modernized title and escrow platform

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Tech-enabled transaction coordinator services

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Secure, electronic escrow fund transfer platform

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America’s first online property rights exchange

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Affordable, DIY smart home and small business security solutions

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Mobile risk management platform with advanced analytics

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Private chef and culinary services for the multi-family housing market

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Deal management, lease accounting and lease portfolio management solution

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Insurance and portfolio management for small-to-medium CRE investors and owners

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On-demand services platform for the multi-family rental housing market

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Clean energy solutions for commercial property owners

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Integrated, web-based CRE brokerage management platform

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Modern cloud-based strata management platform

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Real-time centralized smart navigation for large venues

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Unified property management life cycle platform

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Integrated B2B project management, e-tendering and open marketplace solution

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Smart access solutions for the home, property owners and infrastructure industries

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Connecting smart parking to the smart building revolution

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First-ever online shared rental pool for home furnishings

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A digital marketing tool designed to help agents easily collect, share and promote verified client feedback

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Open, crowdsourced referral consortium

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Safety and productivity app that provides real-time verification for open houses and showings

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Sophisticated digital marketing simplified

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Seamless, automated marketing platform for real estate professionals that unifies their favorite systems in one place.

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Smart, zero-footprint furniture and structures for home and office space optimization

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Luxury amenity management firm for Class A+ multifamily and commercial office spaces

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Integrated commercial real estate lending platform delivering transparency, speed and certainty

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HyperLocal marketing automation platform

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End-to-end transaction platform for commercial real estate practitioners

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Boutique vacation rental service delivering exceptional consumer experiences and maximum value for property owners

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Making home buying and financing simpler

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Helps agents deliver exceptional results for home sellers through ROI-focused, pay-at-close renovations

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Home safety, organization, repair and maintenance in one easy to find place

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Build beautiful, automated email campaigns your customers can’t live without.

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Modern, online transaction coordination

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Making real estate smarter and faster

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Professional photo editing, virtual staging, floor plan redraws and renders at unbeatable prices

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Automatic business expense and mileage tracker

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Empowering real estate agents to deliver transparency and accountability to the real estate process

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Real time, one-stop information sharing and collaboration tool for enterprise teams

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Third party certification tool for efficient, high-performing homes

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Management and safety solutions for lone workers and field professionals

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The first digital notarization platform that allows businesses and individuals to collect and notarize documents anywhere, anytime online

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Automated video creation and simple, affordable 3D 360 tours

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Driving the new gold standard in home valuation

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Fully digital transaction management platform

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Brilliantly simple digital advertising

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Secure, encrypted email using biometrics

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End-to-end real estate management platform

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The #1 VA loan marketplace

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Home financing reimagined

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Where agents and homebuyers search for a home together

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Industry leading home efficiency app for homeowners and real estate professionals

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Manage your homes activities, items and spaces all in one place

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Simple and affordable marketing campaign technology for real estate agents

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Global identity verification

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Trusted home services marketplace

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On-demand, virtual notary services

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Elmspring Accelerator

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Down payment savings tool that helps consumers save for their next home purchase

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Smart locks & accessories for your home, apartment or rental

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Build better relationships with prospects and clients through thoughtful gifting

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Actionable, timely and accurate sales contract intelligence

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Speed, flexibility and transparency in short-term lending

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Easy, fast, flexible online video editing

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Predictive analytics for real estate

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Shared spaces and coworking directory

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Automatically track mileage, expenses and time

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Online match making marketplace for small businesses, commercial investors and lendors

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Business SMS solutions made simple

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ESG Solutions for every business

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Simple, automated social media marketing

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Engage clients and prospects online in real time via web, text and video chat

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A moving app to help you tackle everything in minutes

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Simple and systematic referral management

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Video email marketing platform

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Social media made easy and effective for real estate agents

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Gifting and rewards platform for client retention and engagement

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Easy to use financial forecasting tool

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Matching people and teams with their desired spaces

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Easy to use, secure lockbox solution for real estate

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Abode is a web/mobile application that uses data science

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Blue Crates is a lifestyle tool

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DIGIBILT’s technology automates numerous labor intensive tasks

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DrawBridge Solutions connects the dots 

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Enodo is the first fully automated underwriting platform for multifamily real estate.

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Kin Insurance is an insurtech startup that simplifies homeowners insurance.

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LoudSteps is an assistive technology

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Megalytics, Inc. serves and empowers institutional owners of commercial real estate

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MILLIE is an online community and digital marketplace 

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Single Source and Manager for Home Maintenance

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NZA is working to reduce global carbon emissions

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CFX Markets is the trading platform for alternative assets

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Parafin’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence designs like an architect and thinks like a developer

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ParqEx is The Smart Parking Platform that is transforming parking real-estate

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A software development firms that specializes in development of Property Tax Analysis

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RentHub is an innovative real estate data and intelligence platform with a focus on residential rentals.

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Realync is multifamily’s only Fair Housing compliant video leasing & engagement solution 

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Setter empowers homeowners with software and resources to properly manage their most valuable asset.

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BrokerAssist is the gig economy for real estate professionals!

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Document extraction based machine learning software

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HonestDoor is an Edmonton-based, VC-backed company

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Key is solving a generational crisis with home ownership-on-demand.

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Entreprise Nexmoov Inc, operating as “Local Logic” is a Quebec Corporation

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Parkbench provides an all-in-one sales & marketing platform to help REALTORS®

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RentMoola is a cloud platform that empowers consumers to take control of their finances

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Self-service software enabling property professionals to quickly and easily implement energy programs…

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The ultimate data-driven commercial real estate platform—owned, controlled and governed by portfolio owners.

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Openn Negotiation is an online sales platform and process used by agents to facilitate a transparent way to find the true market price…

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Data and AI platform to help real estate professionals automate and transform customer journeys…

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Machine learning/AI powered platform to help consumers find their dream home faster.

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An easy way for customers to plan, design and build their dream renovation or new build project, on time and on budget.

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We are on a mission to build software and create in-person experiences that transform the way people engage with their physical environment.

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An investment management software and investor portal for new and SMB real estate investment firms…

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Land Intelligence is a time and cost-efficient solution to the land acquisition and due diligence problem…

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An award winning software platform built specifically for closing real estate deals.

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LEX is a commercial real estate marketplace where all investors can buy and sell shares of single asset real estate securities.

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Otso writes corporate guarantees on behalf of businesses to provide an alternative to traditional commercial lease securitization.

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A powerful platform for multifamily teams who need to stay on top of marketing and leasing performance issues, risks and opportunities.

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The premier appraisal software solution for the commercial real estate industry. 

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Plunk empowers homeowners to build wealth through their homes.

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Feather is redefining furniture rental for a new generation and helping people feel at home.

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Landis helps agents provide their clients with an innovative and accelerated path to homeownership. 

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Milestones transforms the home buying, selling, and ownership journey with an end-to-end digital customer experience.

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K4Connect, provides smart products and features that solve the challenges senior living residents and staff are facing today. 

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Super offers subscription services providing care and repair for your home.

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The Knock Home Swap™ makes it easy for consumers to buy their new home before selling their old one.

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Aryeo’s platform provides photographers, agents, and brokerages with a centralized content system.

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